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Men & Women Have Surprisingly Different Guts

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan, who was interviewed in The Atlantic, the male colon can be described as a “gentle horseshoe” while the female colon can be thought of as…

…a "tangled-up Slinky".

Many doctors don’t recognize how this single difference can significantly affect women’s gut health (which has been expressed by so many of our customers).

Periods, menopause, and postpartum hormonal changes can all lead to chronic bloating. This is what we’re singularly focused on.

This bloating is not your fault, and there is a remedy.

What we’re about to share with you is something we’ve spent years working on. It’s an incredibly important topic that unfortunately doesn’t get as much attention as it should. We’re extremely fortunate that you’re here today, and we hope you’ll be able to invest the 5 minutes it takes to understand our perspective on this matter. 

There Are 60 100+ Probiotic Brands Out There

Unbloat founder Shilpa Mehra, M.D.

Unbloat founder
Shilpa Mehra, M.D.

You’ve likely seen their ads or have come across a few of the old school brands in the health aisle at your local supermarket.

Unfortunately, many of these brands have split up their formulas across 3 or 4 products. The goal? To get customers to buy more than just one simple-to-use probiotic and supplement.

While that’s great for profits, I decided to do things differently. 

In fact, Unbloat used to have multiple products too. But our customers told us that they wanted one “superbiotic” — a single capsule that contained prebiotics, probiotics, prebiotic fibers, digestive enzymes, and essential, highly beneficial natural ingredients and botanicals.

So contrary to what any other probiotic brand would do, I worked with the team at Unbloat to give the people what they wanted — a single capsule in a single bottle at a single price.

Nothing in Unbloat is filler. In my formula, I only used probiotics that have proven gastrointestinal benefits. I cannot stress this enough. For example, 65% of people are lactose intolerant. To combat this, one of the digestive enzymes we use in Unbloat is “lactase”, which helps prevent symptoms of lactose intolerance, such as cramps, diarrhea and gas.

I created a single, all natural formula that combines all of the necessary ingredient types to allow for a healthy, functioning gut.

Again, all that in one capsule and all those capsules in one bottle. Your probiotic routine can look like this…


Instead of this…


All Natural for Your Peace of Mind

Each day, we brush our teeth to cleanse our mouths. We sleep to refresh our minds and bodies.

Why aren’t we refreshing our guts each day too?! 

If you've heard the term “gut-brain axis”, you'll be aware that the role of the gut goes far beyond digestion. Rather, your mental health, immune system, and gut health are closely related. It may come as a surprise, but your gut makes up 70% of your immune system. It needs to be in balance.

Unbloat contains clinically studied, 100% natural ingredients proven to promote a healthier gut.

And a healthier gut means a happier mind and body.

In fact, with Unbloat you’re not putting anything into your body that isn’t already there in some shape or form. We all have a microbiome in our gut. Unbloat simply provides your gut with more necessary nutrients and healthy bacteria.

No mystery ingredients. Only nature. That’s why only 1% of our orders are returned.

Plus, our world-class manufacturer is:

  • FDA Registered
  • cGMP certified
  • ISO Certified
  • FSSC 22000 Certified (Food Safety System Certification)
  • A member of the International Probiotics Association, the International Organization for Standardization and the United Natural Products Alliance