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10 Bloating Remedies Put to the Test

I was so excited to turn 30. A new decade arrived and I was ready! Unfortunately, my stomach wasn’t. What followed was a series of gut issues: bloating after big meals, daily constipation and sudden food intolerances. I felt like crap (insert pun).

For those on a similar journey, I am so excited to introduce a new product to you. Out of 10 different supplements I have researched and tried, I have FINALLY found my product. It’s called Unbloat and here are 5 reasons why it has changed my 30s:

Carolyn Horner

February 25, 2023

1. It works FAST

Gone are the days of taking supplements over long periods of time to see a result. I found that taking 2 Unbloat capsules before a big meal allows me to eat my favorite foods worry-free. Bye Bye Bloat (Love Wellness) and Bloat No More (Hum) take 2-6 weeks to start working. Unbloat works right when I need it! #InControl

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2. It’s Made and Recommended by GI Physicians

After many tests, diet changes and consultations with my doctor, she recommended I try a prebiotic/probiotic. I told her I found it confusing to choose a product (maybe that’s you, too?). She told me she had done a lot of research and had chosen Unbloat personally because it has the 7 best probiotic strains (25B CFU). Other probiotics she considered were Ritual Synbiotic (11B CFU) and Nature’s Bounty (100M CFU) which have fewer strains and lower dosage.

3. It’s an All-In-One Formula

As someone who suffers from chronic gut issues, I used to take digestive enzymes (Beano), a herbal remedy (Arrae Bloat, peppermint tea), Miralax and was about to start a probiotic (see above!). Unbloat is the only product that contains all 4 key ingredient types. My supplement routine has gotten SO much easier (Unbloat even has a quarterly subscription option that delivers every 3 months!).

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4. There is a Risk-Free Guarantee

Some brands - like Bloat No More and Lemme Debloat - don’t offer refunds or returns. Trying a new product can be nerve-racking and you shouldn’t have to stress about wasting money on something that doesn’t work. Unbloat comes with a 30-day risk free guarantee, so if you don’t love how you look and feel - you’ll get your money back!

5. It’s Affordable

Unbloat’s sticker price is $74.99 which was a bit shocking. However, if you opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription (what I did!) you can save up to 31% per bottle. Plus - they also have a 20% Cash Back offer which means after I purchased, I was emailed a $26 Visa Gift Card!

4.8/5 Stars

That's a Wrap!

Of course, I recommend you do your own research or even talk to your doctor about products that are right for you. Unbloat worked for me when nothing else did and I’ll be a forever customer until my bloating issues subside… maybe when I turn 40?!

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